Supply Chain and Cloud Computing Myths and Facts

Maybe you considered a cloud WMS for your supply chain but decided against it. 

Maybe you heard that the cloud was a security threat, or that it was too expensive, or simply that it was not robust enough. 

When we started out at LogFire, people said we were crazy. They couldn’t see what we saw, that the future of fulfillment was online. 

As a result, there are a lot of myths out there regarding why the cloud can’t work.

We’ve proved them wrong.

Download our fact sheet if you want to learn more about the very real benefits of cloud-enabled logistics:

  • Manage complexity
  • Run automated facilities
  • Support mapping and bidirectional communication

It’s all part of meeting the demand of the New Fulfillment Economy. Cloud technology is not a trend. It's a modern business necessity, and today's connected consumer requires a connected fulfillment solution.